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QR is Driving Record $ Sales for Occupational

“QR is a huge success … In less than 3 full weeks (really 10 full days), we are averaging about 300 boxes per day.”

“On the very first day of selling, a school purchased 179 units for placement on school buses in a local school district.”
San Antonio

“QR Products represent the most successful new product launch in our company’s history.”
A leading, national van-based distributor

… And Strong Customer Loyalty

“I have already saved thousands of dollars in worker’s comp costs in just 3 months by using QR!”
P. Furr, Owner PDF Roofing Concepts

“This stuff is awesome. One of my guys gashed his shin open, it was about 1” cut and was bleeding heavily. He poured on the QR powder and applied pressure. It totally stopped the bleeding and formed a scab in 20-25 seconds.”
L. Rich, St. Louis, MO

QR is used by the Best

  • Used by leading hospitals – Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson Cancer Center,
    Cook Children’s Medical Center, and many more

  • Used by pro sport teams and major universities – L.A. Lakers, Tampa Bay
    Lightning, St. Louis Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, and many more + leading
    universities across the country

  • In development with U.S. Military, Department of Defense – received a
    federal grant to develop a bleeding-control product for battle-sized wounds,
    using the same QR technology
  • Now in tens of thousands of occupational workplaces across the country
Affirmed Medical now has QR!
QR is Safe, Fast and Effective in Treating Bleeding Wounds
  • Safe – Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. QR is classified by the FDA in the same category as bandages and gauze. Importantly, using QR Powder to treat a bleeding wound is NOT OSHA-reportable.
  • Effective - Stops bleeding instantly, forms a protective scab in seconds, seals and protects the wound. The scab will fall off naturally. Works for people on blood-thinning medications. Does not cauterize the wound.
  • Strong anti-microbial properties
For “Easy-to-Reach” Wounds
Arm, Hand, Leg

Part Number: 103030
Case quantity: 48 count
# Applications/unit: 2

For “Hard-to-Reach” Wounds
Head, Face, Nosebleeds + Application by others

Part Number: 103040
Case quantity: 48 count
# Applications/unit: 1 + applicator

Call 1-800-521-4951 or ask your local Affirmed Medical Distributor
for more information on this amazing product!
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